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Main features of testing video games

Main features of testing video games

testing video games

Nowadays testing video games is one of the key steps in the creating games, that requires a special approach.

Depending on the specific firm or project, the development process may change. But, above all, the development and computer games testing necessarily involves the following steps:

  1. Preproduction stage – in this first stage, as a rule, the formation of an idea precedes the beginning of the making of each computer game. And it’s the developer who decides to begin work.
  2. Production – this stage of the principal production involves the large-scale work. Developers write the source code of the game, qualified artists draw graphics. Sound operators create sound effects, and composers compose music for the game. Designers form levels, and writers come up with dialogues for scenes with scripts and characters outside the game. Here, testers are already connected to work when something that can be played appears.
  3. Support – at the final stage, any patches are connected or errors found by the tester are corrected.

The main stages of testing games

All games, as a rule, go through the same test cycle to identify more errors. Let`s figure out the testing of online games. It includes several steps:

  1. At the initial stage testing new games as a rule doesn’t take a long time for one tester. Already closer to the final stage, only one game can take all the time from several testers at once, due to the regression tests that are necessary to test new capabilities. Today, you can safely declare the high degree of importance of testing games, given their variety and complexity. So, one small change can have serious consequences. That is, the first stage includes mandatory testing of the game within the development company by its testers.
  2. After the idea has already been formed, all the documentation has been compiled, the code has been written and the graphics are "stretched" on it, as well as internal testing, the first alpha version of the game (alpha game testing) is published - this is what can already be shown to users, what can already be played. That is, the user, tester, designer, developer can see what happened. Next, several alpha versions are released, which include some additions.
  3. In the period between the late alpha and early beta version, Beta testing is carried out, or, in another way, pre-version testing. In development, this stage is usually very time-consuming. The methods of its implementation differ in different companies. In most cases, those who want to directly from the users themselves act as testers. In testing online games, two types of beta testing are often used:
      • open beta testing of online games when the game is put on the market for public use;
        closed beta testing of online games when the game is tested by a limited number of users.

And if the project received a good rating from users, the game goes to the release and post-release stages, that is, when the game is already ready.

Snoopgame QA experts are very responsible for testing games. To make sure of this, we recommend contacting us for further cooperation!

Опубликовано: 11.12.2020
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